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New Sample - How to go to last (new) record in Subform

Started by DataEase
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New Sample - How to go to last (new) record in Subform

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We got a request on the forum on how to go to the last (new) record in a subform from a button.

We made this small sample to showcase it.

The main focus in DE9 is not the FRM/GUI format but we have still fixed the Buttons, Styling, TabControl and are currently fixing the MultiBox (Lookupfield) so maybe we should have a go at SubForms too. It would be nice to have better control with them. I will make a note of it.

Anyhow, your task is quite straight forward. We only use SetFocus() and KeyStrokes().

Action on button as follows: 

The first column in our subform is Name and as we have 8 rows we set focus on the last row i.e. SetFocus("Name#8").

Then we simply send the command to go to the end of the subform i.e. SHIFT PageDown.

Done deal.

Written by DataEase 03/12/18 at 12:52:06