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Problems after updating to 1.4 of L4D

Started by DataEase
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Problems after updating to 1.4 of L4D

First our apologies for those of you that have had problems after updating to 1.4

We went very far in insuring that all previous versions of L4D should run trouble free after the update but we have a big user base out there and some of you sadly got some problems.

In L4D 1.4 we have incorporated both 1.0 and 1.4 so in principle you should have to do nothing to continue as before.

For the majority of you that is exactly what happened but for some sadly something went wrong.

The fix is easy.

Simply login to L4D and edit the session you have problems with. (see above)

Then click the pencil on the Application you have problem with:

You should not have to do anything bot save&run to migrate it to 1.4. 

If the problem persists, simply delete the session and create it from scratch.

If you are using PINNED icons on Desktop/Startup-Menu or Taskbar, simply delete these and create them again and you should be good to go.

Written by DataEase 07/02/19 at 15:32:20 LegEasy DOS