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DE9 - Dropdown 2.0 (AKA Multibox 2.0) Preview Self Populating/sorting/Unique etc.

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DE9 - Dropdown 2.0 (AKA Multibox 2.0) Preview Self Populating/sorting/Unique etc.

As you know we have been working on DE9 for quite some time now and with it being made available to users this month it is hard not to answer this using DE9 rather than 8.5.

This will be quite tricky in 8.5 (not impossible) but in DE9 there are a number of ways to do this but the simplest is simply to use the revamped Multibox/Dropdown control.

It is no secret that this control has not been very good in 7.x and not that much better in 8.x but in DE9 it has really come to its own.

Not only can you use it as you have described but it can now even be built ontop of itself as a self-populating drodown.

As you can see from the image it will both filter away multiple entries of the same data as well as sort the list.

You can also search directly in the multibox and filter the list to include only the hits and it will search from front of word up to 3 letter and switch to freetext search above 3 letters.

Here we have the list in Runtime mode, you see the values are unique and sorted.

I don't have Bombay in the list so I type that in, when I save the form Bombay will be my choice as well as being added to the list for future reference.

In DE9 I also have "triggers" on value change (Action as on button) so if I had the value stored in a different table I could simply add a ExecDQL to update/insert that table  too.

Written by DataEase 03/10/19 at 18:12:51 DataEase 9 Developer