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L4D - How to manually create a shortcut to an Application

Started by DataEase
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L4D - How to manually create a shortcut to an Application

One much loved feature in L4D is the ability to pin an application to Desktop, Start-Menu or/and Taskbar.

This is a feature that Microsoft is not too happy about and in the last update of Windows 10 they have blocked this feature.

We are working on ways to fix this but it can't be fixed retrospectively of course so if you need to do this before we can develop a fix you can do this manually.

1. Go to your Desktop.
2. Right click on the desktop and select New/Shortcut

3. In Target insert: "C:\Program Files (x86)\DataEase\LegEasy4DOS Professional\DEDOS14.exe"

In Windows 10 after update (where this problem will be) you can't configure the shortcut directly... so after it is create right click on it and chose properties.

4. in Start In insert: "C:\ProgramData\DataEase\LegEasy4DOS Professional\App\NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"
Where NNNNNNNNNNNN=the Application ID you find in the session window.

When copying out this code make sure you do it with the mouse command i.e. right click on it and do copy as keyboard copy does not work in L4D 1.x
Do not include (ID: and ).

5.If you want to change the icon, click on Change Icon.
type in this path in Look for Icons in this file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\DataEase\LegEasy4DOS Professional 1.4\iconlib.dll

6. You can now test it and see if it works correctly. If it does, you can simply right click on the icon in the taskbar and choice Pin to Taskbar.
7. If you want to do it the more traditional way you do the same, right click on the shortcut on the Desktop and choose 

Yes, it was much easier when we simply did it for you...but hey...everything for security.

Written by DataEase 14/11/19 at 17:04:30 LegEasy DOS

Re:L4D - How to manually create a shortcut to an Application

insert de16m.exe dbname username userpswd and some parameters needed through slashes in Your autoexec.bat 

then switch off and on Your device

and You will get de453 OS instead of windows or dos. if You wanna them to be visited by You simply use de453 menu choice to do that.


and will be



Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 15/11/19 at 06:49:11 LegEasy DOS