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L4D - Option for Automated Server Deployment added (18)

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L4D - Option for Automated Server Deployment added (18)

A lot of our L4D usrers have 50, 100 or more users that use a single application. 

To install L4D on each machine and then configure shortcuts etc can be a big chore. An automated way of doing this has been on the books for quite a while and today we have released the first increment.

We have tried to automate all steps of the process as much as possible.

Prerequisites !

PS! "You need a full version of L4D to use this feature, it will not work as part of TRIAL" 

PPS! All the computers that will use the same session/shortcut need the same shares set up and the same access rights to these shares. You also need to set up the DEPATH properly and make sure that all users have access to the DEPATH catalogue via the same share. A good idea is to but the DEPATH catalogue as a sub-directory of the application it will be managing.

1. Add the apps you want to pre-install on clients to the Server Distribution list. You do this by simply editing the session in question and hit the green Copy App to Server Distribution button. (see above). You can add as many applications as you want this way.

2. Configure your Server Install settings, you find them in the menu to the right.

First pick the L4D version you want to install on the clients. It need to or newer! Just pick it with the browse button. Typically you will find this in your download catalogue if you downloaded it from our website.

Then configure the Server Install Path. This need to be a share on the server you want to install from.

Save the changes and hit Copy Files when you are ready. The Settings, license file, shortcuts a install.bat file and the installation media will be copied to the Server Install Path.

The install.bat file will only work in DOS but it is there as illustration on how you can include it in a loginscript etc. 

To run the Installation without user input you simply have to execute it with a switch /SILENT

L4DNetWorkInstall /SILENT

It will now run and install L4D on the client computer and include the files under the Install catalogue parallel to it.

The Shortcuts will be copied to the Desktop of the user being installed.

The installation is a full (silent) installation of L4D on the client PC but with a pre-installed License file and application settings including Shortcuts on the DESKTOP.

If you want a Shortcut on Taskbar etc, simply right click on the Shortcut either directly on the Desktop or when started and choose Add to taskbar.

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