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DE9 - Welcome App Tile Explained

Started by DataEase
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DE9 - Welcome App Tile Explained

The new Welcome app is quite self-explanatory but anyhow some of your have requested some information on how it works.

Above you see an Application tile with explanation.

Written by DataEase 06/12/19 at 10:52:34 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:DE9 - Welcome App Tile Explained

the trial period of de 9 beta has expired. how to buy  ? thx.

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 06/12/19 at 15:08:22 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:DE9 - Welcome App Tile Explained

Hi Ihor. 
We are not in selling mode yet. The expiry etc. of the Beta is part of the Beta test. The mechanism is more for after release when customers can try before buy.

We just updated all current Beta testers to 31/12/19.

We are sorry for the "pause" in testing but we hope you can get going again now.

The trial mechanism is designed so the trial system can't be abused but that part is intentionally not activated at the moment so if you expire you can just register with a different email.


Written by DataEase 06/12/19 at 20:20:51 DataEase 9 Developer