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Cannot open Users in 4.53...

Started by Eugene
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Cannot open Users in 4.53...

Anyone that can help. I am trying to open some old DataEase applications in 4.53 but get an error message that say it can't open users.

Written by Eugene 16/10/15 at 12:49:57 LegEasy DOS

Re:Cannot open Users in 4.53...


This is a good old friend....

To be honest, this was maybe the "main" downfall of 4.53 and the only real reason for going to DFD 5.x

It is due to the "security" on 4.53 which uses the time stamp on the file USERFORM.DBS to check if it has been tampered with. 

Sadly the way MS fix daylight saving time in Windows the time stamp get changed too.

It should read 3.14 (PI) but will read 2.14 if the file was installed in the Summer (in the winter) and 4.14 in Summer if installed in the winter.

You can fix it with a time stamp utility, but the easiest way is simply to replace the USERFORM.DBS with one that has the correct time (from a zip) like the one attached here.

Written by DataEase 16/10/15 at 12:53:57 LegEasy DOS