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Started by Grossi Gioacchino
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I am pleased to see that the migration from Dos 4.53 is then sa 5.5 works. A really useful thing would be a compiler of SQL languages. Will you get there?

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Mi compiaccio a vedere che la migrazione da Dos 4.53 รจ poi sa 5.5 funziona. Una cosa veramente opportuna sarebbe un compilatore di linguaggi SQL. Ci arriverete? 

Written by Grossi Gioacchino 18/11/19 at 14:33:44

SQL and Dataease Server

The strongest feature of Dataease is the database and its integration with DQL etc. 

Dataease has done many approaches towards SQL and the design of Dataease for Windows was as a front end to SQL databases but in the 11th hour someone reminded Dataease that they had 3 million users on Dataease that they should take into consideration.

So they landed somewhere in between...

NetPlus or DataEase Professional as it was originally named was the "future" of Dataease and it was designed to get rid of Dataease own database altogether.

The idea of a product like Dataease on top of SQL might have been a good one back in 90s but the problem is the awkwardness of SQL and the fact that SQL is not one language but a number of dialects. Any product that would cater to all of them would suffer the minimum commonality problem.

There was a lot of idealistic dreams back in the 90s that set the IT industry back decades and we are still suffering from a lot of these "pipe dreams".

What Dataease should have done was to have made Dataease Database into a server database that could have been queried by DataEase front end and any other front end tool that wanted to use it.

As part of the DE9 familly we have developed DE9 Server that will allow users to serve both DE9 Applications as well as DFD 5.x and DFW 6.x applications. It is a full service server that has an API for read/write through HTTP/JSON/XML as well as full Web serving capability and "stored procedure" i.e. DQL on the server. These DQL's can product web output (list records) when at the same time having full transaction capability i.e Modify Records, Delete Records, Enter a Record etc.

DE9 has full capability to query and update any other HTTP enabled database through its Remote() interface and there are also server tools to exchange data with SQL databases.

When moving on to web development integration of existing and new systems in one solution is the future and the strategy in Dataease now is to deliver an integration infrastructure solution that will allow our users to integrate all their different DataEase systems as well as other systems that support modern protocols without having to undertake big migration/redevelopment project.

But if the question was if we will build Dataease on top of SQL or convert Dataease databases/tables to SQL the answer now and forever will be a resounding: NO!

Written by DataEase 19/11/19 at 11:43:55 DataEase 9 Developer