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predefined printer

Started by Rainer
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predefined printer

Download: Dok1.docx

the funktion predefined printer does only work with "print without displaying dialog". without there is not default in the printdialog

Written by Rainer 14/06/20 at 23:18:48 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:predefined printer

This was actually the first feature we did in DE8.

It was designed like this because it an abstraction of printers. The logic was that if you want to use a pre-defined printer it is because you want to direct the print to a specific type of printer like one for headed paper etc.

The printer dialog you get when you don't set a fixed printer is the Windows standard one and it would be very difficult to include pre-defined printers in this list.

I can remember that it was a big discussion about it and this was how we ended up.

If you don't set a fixed printer the user can select any printer they want so what would really be the point of adding Printer 1-4. They might not be defined, and how would the user know which printer that really was?

Written by DataEase 15/06/20 at 21:49:18 Dataease [{8}]FIVE