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Login Screen

Started by Colleen Sienkiewicz
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Login Screen

Download: LOG IN SCREEN.docx

When I open the program, the username and password box do not come up.  I'm left with a blank screen.  See attachment.  Why does this happen?  Is there an alternate way to login?   Using Data Ease version  

Please reply in terms a non-techy person can understand.  Thank you!

Written by Colleen Sienkiewicz 02/11/20 at 17:36:14

Re:Login Screen

Hi Colleen.

Sorry to hear you have trouble.

Have never come across this problem before so a little hard to say what it can be. My guess would be that you open the application directly without going via the Welcome App/Application open and that you have lost the path or the application is corrupted in some way.

1. Try to open the application via the Welcome App, i.e. do not click on the icon on your desktop set up for your application, but open via the start menu and navigate to the application catalogue and open the application this way.

2. Try to create a new application.

3. If you can't do either of the above, re-install DataEase 8.5

Written by DataEase 03/11/20 at 09:44:03