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Started by Hiralal Rampul
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Written by Hiralal Rampul 01/12/21 at 17:47:10


Fall of which year, i am in the southern hemisphere. When is Dataease 9 getting released? Give approximated month and year. If this is not certain thats alright we'll wait and see

Written by BLESSED SHUMBA 05/12/21 at 16:44:14 Dataease 9 Developer


Hi Blessed!

Software development as you know is quite a complicated business which is why we are very reluctant in giving any specific dates before we know we can keep them. DataEase is now 40 years old and we have a lot of legacy applications out there but our biggest challenge is to recruit new users as we can't rely on legacy users/applications for the future.

We are currently putting the final touches on DE9 and it is still our ambition to get it out there for testing/early development this side of the New Year but full release will not be until next year when the QA has been done properly and the marketing etc. is ready.

It is no secret that DataEase have released a lot of versions that has not met expectations which is why we are working hard to make DE9 and the following DE10 as fit for purpose as we think DataEase in 2021 should be.

Written by DataEase 07/12/21 at 12:11:56 Dataease 9 Developer


Your entries get deleted because after repeated warnings you keep on posting things that are completely irrelevant on other members threads and you voice opinions on our products and company that you are entitled to have but not to put on our forum.

This is a technical forum where people ask questions on how to use DataEase and the responses should be on topic and not personal opinions on everything that pops into once head and general advice on what DataEase has done wrong, is doing wrong, how it should be done according to you etc. We will allow you to keep your profile but if you stray from the rules again we will block you and we will also be forced to change the rules for the forum to only allow users with a valid license of DataEase to post and reply to it.

Written by DataEase 07/12/21 at 13:37:25 Dataease 9 Developer