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DE9 still on the way?

Started by Sam Bird
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DE9 still on the way?

Is there a new update planned to allow applications to be migrated from DE8.5?

Written by Sam Bird 07/09/23 at 12:05:41 Not product specific.

Re:DE9 still on the way?

The migration version from 8.5 to DE9 (LE9) is already available on request.

Both version will be fully available later in the year.

Written by DataEase 08/09/23 at 12:29:08 Not product specific.

Re:Re:DE9 still on the way?

It's 2024 now!!!!!!!!

Written by Roar Andersen 26/04/24 at 19:43:49 Not product specific.

Re:Re:Re:DE9 still on the way?

October 1989

A microcomputer-based, net-lending interlibrary loan system.


A microcomputer-based, net-lending interlibrary loan system was developed at Lane Medical Library, Stanford University. The system, designed to generate the monthly billing invoices and all necessary statistical reports, has reduced the time required for logging-in procedures and compilation of monthly, quarterly, and annual statistics. User menus, help screens, and choice fields were developed explicitly for library staff who have little or no computer experience. The program was written using the DataEase database management software running on IBM PC, XT, AT, or compatible with a minimum of 512K RAM. Described are features of this automated interlibrary loan management system and its use in a net-lending interlibrary loan department. It focuses on data entry in the "Library Directory" and "ILL Log Sheet," details of billing invoices, and statistical reports, and flexibility in modifying tax rates, borrowing fees, and other parameters.

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 27/04/24 at 18:21:16 Dataease 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:DE9 still on the way?

April 1993 An automatized computer-method utilizing Procomm Plus and DataEase (4.2) PC and SAS (6.06) mainframe software for isolated, perfused guinea-pig heart studies

After running, DataEase reports the data and information is uploaded to an IBM 3081D mainframe computer on each day 

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 04/05/24 at 15:56:57 Dataease 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:DE9 still on the way?

2024 DataEase 9 Developer is the most powerful tool to forecast missile strikes in Ukraine 

”Weather forecast for the European continent: sometimes sunny, in Ukraine - rocket rain”

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 07/05/24 at 14:47:22 Dataease 9 Developer