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PDF print

Started by Yoana Murcia
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PDF print

Hi everyone!
I need to find a way to print or save a document in PDF when I need to print, cause my dataease is just automatic fisically printing the documents, but I dond have any chance to save the document in a digital version unless I spend time scanning the document, my version of dataease is 6.52.

Thanks for your help!

Written by Yoana Murcia 04/04/24 at 15:15:25 DataEase 6.x

Re:PDF print

Hi Youanna,

I have found that the CutePDF software works well in capturing output to a PDF file and I have used it with V6.5X variants.

Written by Peter Birney, PB Associates 04/04/24 at 16:05:33 DataEase 6.x

Re:Re:PDF print

Ok, I`ve downloaded CutePDF, and I read the insctructions, looks easy,  but I still don't know how to set up CutePDF as default for the Dataease Application, if you can explain that to me I`d really apreciate it.
Thank you!

Written by Yoana Murcia 04/04/24 at 22:11:22 DataEase 6.x

Re:Re:Re:PDF print

There is no default for a DataEase 6.5 application. It depends on what is set up as default in Windows and what is set up as output media in 6.5.
So the way it works is that if you have Printer set here and CutePDF set as default printer in WIndows and choose print without displaying Dialog you will print directly to CutePDF for all documents that has Printer set here.

You will still get the CutePDF dialog where you have to choose what filename you want etc.

Strictly speaking 6.5 is a very old and primitive version of DFW and if you are going to produce PDF's emails from DataEase you should look at LE9.

LE9 is an "itteration" of the latest version of DataEase DE9 (Released before DE9 as the need for Legacy users have priority).

LE9 is a bigger development project alone than all previous versions of DFW put together but a lot of it is "Under the bonnet" as running of Legacy applications in a modern environment with a minimum of problems is again the priority.

You can see that the Print Options dialog has changed slightly. For instance you have gotten PDF as a native feature together with Export etc.

You can also fit the print to any paper size for more easily getting documents that look right on one page.

Industrial document product is quite "awkward" in 6.5, 7 and even 8 but in LE9/DE9 this has changed.

We have now added output override features to DocumentOpen() and added DocumentRun() for running documents in chains.*DocumentOpen**DocumentRun*

9.0 Onwards DocumentOpen with extra parameters added. At the moment it supports: DocumentOpen("DocName","window"), DocumentOpen("DocName","nooutput") (only without list records when using data-entry in this commit), DocumentOpen("DocName","export","filename") (only without data-entry in this commit), DocumentOpen("DocName","printer","printer 1..4 or the actual name or nothing for default printer") and DocumentOpen("DocName","pdf","filename").

DocumentOpen(name,"PDF", file). DocumentOpen(name, "preview") added. DocumentOpen(name, "printer", printername) now printer name can be "Application printer 1-4" or the name of the printer. Blank is default printer.

DE: added DocumentOpen("DQLName", "EMail", "pdfname.pdf", "EmailTo", "Subject" , "Body") will generate a pdf from the dql en send it using the emailsettings in ini file.

Written by DataEase 05/04/24 at 09:17:54 DataEase 6.x

Re:Re:Re:PDF print

As far  as I remember, DataEase 6.5 did not have the possibility to set printers.

You can set the Cute PDF as your default printer. 

Written by Josef Vella 05/04/24 at 09:21:30 DataEase 6.x