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Floor 2, No 175, Ghanbarzade st

Shahid Beheshti st


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

+98-21-88769182/88769238 / +98-912-39054

Sarreh is a company providing high quality software solutions and consultancy services from our head office in Tehran. At Sarreh we believe that our services will help drive your business forward. Our company has years of experience in developing database oriented softwares particularly based on DataEase DOS, we still support our exiting customers although Microsoft doesn't support MS-DOS anymore. At Sarreh database we offer developing software from RDBMS to NoSql databases and hybrid solutions, we are the first company in our region that implemented NoSql concept back at 2003 and the product still running based on original approach. We are also specialist in localizing western software products to Persian and Arabic.


PartnerLogo2 is the full link to your Logo Image and if you want to use so if you want to use it in you Partner Page simply click the image icon above and chose Link and then paste it straight in...that way you see the power of LiveText directly...

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Ulrik Jacob Hoegh - Krohn

Vice President R&D

London 23. May 2013