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backup db (backup database)





backup db (backup database)


Control Command


The backup db command creates a backup copy of the current DataEase application. When processing reaches a backup db command, DataEase automatically locks the current application. It then displays a dialog asking you to specify the drive on which the backup copy should be stored and how you want to handle any errors that occur during the backup.


backup db .


When you backup a database using the backup db command, DataEase copies the database using a special format; therefore, the backup copy can only be restored using the DataEase restore db command or Application>>Utilities>>Restore.

When you backup and restore a database, all records that have been deleted since the last backup and restore operation are permanently erased.


On a LAN (Local Area Network), if another user is currently using any resource required by the backup db command, DataEase displays a Resource Conflict message. While this message is displayed, DataEase automatically tries to execute the command at brief intervals.

When the required resource becomes available, DataEase automatically resumes processing and executes the rest of the procedure.


 record entry "MEMBERS" .

 run procedure "PRINT INVOICES" .

 backup db .


This script tells DataEase: (1) Display the MEMBERS form so the user can enter new member records, (2) when the user closes the MEMBERS form, run the procedure named PRINT INVOICES, and (3) after running the PRINT INVOICES procedure, make a DataEase backup copy of the current application.

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