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MemoMemoReplace(MyMemo,"[{Header}]",lookup SignatureTable Header)
retval := MemoMemoReplace(LetterTemplate,"[{Signature}]",any ExtendedUser with Username=Current user Signature) .

To replace a tag in a memo with the content of another memo.

Memo manipulation in DE8 is much more tha simple manipulation of text. The Memo in question can be a HTML template, a invoice template, a report template etc. You can build the template with partly formatted code and partly with tags that will be replaced with content of columns and memos when you build the document.

You can for instance build a letter where you have "custom" headers, footers etc and simply replace the tags when you build the letter or you can build a custom made offer with full descriptions etc. from a library stored in the database.


DestinationMemo: Memo

The Memo that contain the tag and will retain the result.

Tag: String (255).

The tag to be replaced by the memo.

SourceMemo: Memo

The memo that will replace the Tag.





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