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To open a document filtered by the relational constraint.

This is one of the most useful features in DataEase, where you open an existing document based on the relational constraint set by a pre-defined relationship. You can open any type of document bar a DQL/Procedure this way. It will allow you to open a Procedure too, but it will not force the constraint.

You can use this to filter the result of a report instead of using a Procedure and data-entry. See Examples.


Relationship (Optional)

The predefined relationship that you want the document to be constrained by.

Document (Optional)

The document you want DataEase to open. This can be a Form or Report.

If you don't use fill in these parameters DataEase will open the document open dialogue.





Form Open Related

The Open Related Form icon opens a dialog box which shows all of the forms related to your current document. Highlight the form you want and click OK, and the related form will be opened.

Form Open Related can be used to simply inspect data in a related form. It can also be used to select and return data, using the Return To icon.

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