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DocumentOpen("MyForm","DT") -- Open in Designmode (Developer Only).
DocumentOpen("MyForm.frm","SYS") -- Open a system form.
DocumentOpen("Customers/?CustomerID=0005") -- Open with Filter.
DocumentOpen("Tablename","Table") -- Open Table in Form view.
DocumentOpen("Tablename","TableList") -- Open Table in List View (table view).

If DocName is not empty the specified document will be opened. If DocName is empty then a dialog will display with all documents.
DFW Action(s): Document Open -- Enter: Document Name extended to include extra argument with keyword "DT" to open Document in Design Time (Developer Only). extended to include extra argument with keyword "SYS" to open frm document (system form). It can take frm file name that will load the form from the program catalog, full path that can load an frm form anywhere on your computer and a filter that is added as a query string at the end prefixed by a /?. Ex. DocumentOpen(StringEscape("my\full\path\USERFORM.FRM/?Name=/'me/'"),"SYS") Filter added so you can open a document with preset filter. ex. DocumentOpen("Customers/?CustomerName=/'A*/'") will open Customers with the filter set to list all customers with customername starting with an A. Opening Table is added. 
9.0 Onwards  DocumentOpen with extra parameters added. At the moment it supports: DocumentOpen("DocName","window"), DocumentOpen("DocName","nooutput") (only without list records when using data-entry in this commit), DocumentOpen("DocName","export","filename") (only without data-entry in this commit), DocumentOpen("DocName","printer","printer 1..4 or the actual name or nothing for default printer") and DocumentOpen("DocName","pdf","filename").
DocumentOpen(name,"PDF", file). DocumentOpen(name, "preview") added. DocumentOpen(name, "printer", printername) now printer name can be "Application printer 1-4" or the name of the printer. Blank is default printer.

SetCurrent("cutepdffilename","filename") extended to add app path if filename do not have : in position 2 of filename.


DocName: String

Mode: String -- "DT" Open in DesignTime.

Mode: String -- "SYS" Open system form
Mode: String -- "Table" -- Open Table in Form View
Mode: String -- "TableList" -- Open Table in List View.


Status : integer



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This is good, if you can make the form MODAL....If not, I do not see any use :-)...

Product: . Written by Jeyarajah Arulrajah 07/11/15 at 21:50:30


You don't see any point in DocumentOpen()?Anyway, DocumentOpen() has been around for donkeys years.... ;-) The new stuff is that you can open a Form in Design Mode.This might not be so useful for the average Application User, but very...

Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE. Written by DataEase 08/11/15 at 12:48:55


What I meant to say was, DocumentOpen with mode...I do not see any use for myself.Unless if it comes with MODAL feature....

Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE. Written by Jeyarajah Arulrajah 08/11/15 at 15:35:04

DocumentOpen with variable filter

How can i get a variable value (The value of a field in the current record) into the DocumentOpen statement?If I put a hardcoded value in it works fine but I cannot seem to insert a variable value into the statement.DocumentOpen("Process...

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Re:DocumentOpen with variable filter

Sorry for the late reply.&nbsp;DocumentOpen(concat("ProcessHistoryView/?BuildNumber=",FieldName"))&nbsp;DocumentOpen need a text string, so if you want it to be variable you need to build a text string that is variable the normal way.<...

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