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If FormName is not empty the specified document will be opened. If FormName is empty then a dialog will display with all documents.

DFW Action(s): Open Form -- Enter: Form Name


FormName : String


Status : Integer



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CDF OpenForm & FormOpenRelated

I've just migrated from 6.52 to 8 and i didn't found the CDF OpenForm and FormOpenRelated already present in DFW. Why?I used this function in 6.52 in many OMLs and in many databases. Please see  an example below.I've simply add this...

Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE. Written by Marco Marchesi 06/05/14 at 15:47:45

Re:CDF OpenForm

In 6.x there was developed a library called DFWACTS.DLL i.e. DataEase Actions as CDFs.In 7.x these functions was included in the core product and no longer need to be defined as CDFs.As a result of this every script/derivation that...

Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE. Written by DataEase 07/05/14 at 07:01:33

documentclose , openform, refreshform

I always get errors, what is wrong? see the attacment. I want a to clear the Form "AUFTRAG" but not ClearForm(), but ClearForm("AUFTRAG") from a button in a second document....

Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE. Written by Rainer 23/06/19 at 10:49:29

Re:documentclose , openform, refreshform

Hallo Rainer,habe dein Problem gesehen.. Ich denke bei der Anweisung Wait(0.1) musst Du einen Punkt und kein Komma verwenden! :) Grüße aus dem Rheinland....Markus...

Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE. Written by 23/06/19 at 20:22:37

Re:documentclose , openform, refreshform

Ahh sorry ... Und müsste es nicht FormClear sein ?.....Gruß Markus...

Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE. Written by 23/06/19 at 20:31:56

Re:Re:documentclose , openform, refreshform

Danke, it is much easier +documentclose()+refreshform() that works...

Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE. Written by Rainer 23/06/19 at 22:06:41

Re:documentclose , openform, refreshform

All numbers in programming need to be in "English" i.e. .(period) rather than , (comma). This was changed in 7.2 so code would not be affected by windows settings. Compied code was never affected but actions (i.e. button code) is interpreted so it wou...

Product: Dataease [{8}]FIVE. Written by DataEase 25/06/19 at 13:02:19

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