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DocumentCloseName("Full Windows Document Name i.e. Caption"
DocumentClsoeName("Customers via Orderform")
DocumentCloseName("DESIGN FORM : Customers")
retval := DocumentCloseName(data-entry fie

To close a document by "remote". Many times when you have open a form for information or run a report/procedure with output, you want that document to be closed. If focus has been returned to another document this is not always straight forward so we have added DocumentCloseName() so you can close a document from anywhere in an app.

If the document in name is already closed or does not exist no action will be taken, and no error message returned.


DocumentName : Text

This is the full name of the document you want to close. It is not necessarily the original form/report name as it can have been added to by you opening a document via another document.


String, nothing!



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