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retval := GetValue("ObjectName") .
GetValue("MyOject","OldValue) -- DE9. All field objects now keep oldvalue if changed and this can be queried.

To get the value of an object. This function is very useful in ExecDQL or to pick values out of non-referable fields like editable form virtual fields etc.

Remember that you can use this function to pick any field value but if you pick a Memo it will only return the first 255 characters.

This is a GUI function so it will return the value of the GUI object rather than the PRISM column that has populated it. 


ObjectName: String

The object from which you want to retrieve the content.
Arg2: String
When Arg2 is set it will read alternative value for object.

Arg2 - Values
- OldValue : Will return the previous value of the object before the last change. (only live, not stored in database).


String(255): The content of the object you queried.



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