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DataExport ("Export.dbe") .
retval := DataExport ("") .
DataExport("") .

Runs a Export.dbe or display Export Dialogue

DataExport() exploit the current multiview (columns, filters etc) and can be used anywhere there is created a multiview.

You can use it to export from a Form, A report or a DQL as long as you fire it with a .dbe after the multiview is created.

A .dbe can be "cross used" as it will only be limited by the selected column names, so a DBE created in one place can be used in a completely different place as long as the column names are the same.

This is a workaround to export from a DQL document or a report where it can be difficult to create the DBE as this can be created in the Table definition form.


Import Definition File: String


Status: Integer



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