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EditBox (OML) Properties, Events, Methods,

Properties Read Only/Read Write Format Comments
Border Read/Write Class Property  
CanTab Read Only 0 or 1 Can this object be tabbed to
Child Read Only Number Child Object
ClassName Read Only Text = 3DEditBox  
DataConnected Read Only 0 or 1  
DipShade Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
DipShine Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
Enable Read/Write 0 or 1  
Fill Read/Write Class Property (Fill)  
Font Read/Write Class Property(Font)  
HasValue Read Only 0 or 1  
HighShade Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
HighShine Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
IsCompound Read Only 0 or 1  
IsForm Read Only 0 or 1 Is this object a form ? Always 0
IsLabel Read Only 0 or 1 Is this object a label ? Always 0
IsLiveReport Read Only 0 or 1  
IsPrinting Read Only 0 or 1  
IsRecord Read Only 0 or 1  
IsSelected Read Only 0 or 1  
IsTableView Read Only 0 or 1  
LowShade Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
LowShine Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
Name Read Only Text =Object Name  
Next Read Only Number Next Sibling Object
Parent Read Only Number Parent Object
Prev Read Only Number Previous Sibling Object
PropertyList Read Only Text  
Rect Read/Write Class Property (Rect)  
ReDraw Read/Write 0 or 1  
RimShade Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
RimShine Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
Shadow Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
Taborder Read Only Number ( -1 if no taborder set)
Text Margin Read/Write Number  
TextSlantInDegrees Read/Write Number  
TextShade Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
TextShine Read/Write Class Property (Color)  
Type Read Only Number  
Value Read/Write    
Visible Read/Write 0 or 1  
PreEdit ()   Fires when a field has focus and before data has been entered
PostEdit (TEXT String)   Fires after field has been edited, String contains the new value , the value property contains the old value. If you wish to keep the new value you must set value to string during the script. Fires before value change
ValueLoaded ()   Fires when a value is loaded into a field
ValueChange (TEXT String)   Fired when field loses focus and value differs from stored value. Fires after valuechange
ValueRequired ()  
Clicked (Number ButtonID,Number xLoc,Number yLoc) Fired when mouse clicked on field - note will not fire on first field on form when form opens
DblClicked (Number ButtonID,Number xLoc,Number yLoc) Fires when field is double clicked
GotFocus ()   Fires when field is entered
LostFocus ()   Fires when field is exited
MouseDown (Number ButtonID,Number xLoc,Number yLoc) Fires when mouse button pressed
MouseUp (Number ButtonID,Number xLoc,Number yLoc) Fires when mouse button released
MouseMove (Number xLoc,Number yLoc) Fires when mouse moved in a visible object
MouseOver ()   Fires when mouse passes over a visible object
MouseEnter ()   Fires when mouse enters a visible object
MouseExit ()   Fires when mouse exits a visible object
KeyDown (Number KeyValue)   Fires when key pressed
KeyInput (Number KeyValue)   Fires when key typed
KeyUp (Number KeyValue)   Fires when key released
Draw () Draws an Object
Erase () Erases an Object
Hide () Hides and object
Highlight () Highlights an Object
MouseCapture () Captures the mouse
MouseRelease () Releases the mouse
Move (Number x,Number y) Moves an object relative to it's current origin
MoveTo (Number xLoc,Number yLoc) moves an object to an absolute location
Select () Selects an object
Show () Shows an object





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