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Can I buy DataEase Generation 3?

We are sorry, but this product is not currently available for sale! Check back later!

What we write about DataEase Generation 3

Congratulations to Flora United on their new B2B DG3 Webshop.

Flora United have now for some time been testing their new B2B webshop developed 100% in DG3 and they are now ready to share it with their customers as an alternative venue for doing business with them.

This system has been developed by Spier-IT and Technisch Handelsbureau L. Rodenhuis in collaboration with our development team.

As you can tell, this is a proper state of the art Web system, built 100% with the latest Web and DataEase technology. Our goal with DG3 is to make advanced web development "dataeasy", so it is with great joy we present this new addition to our DG3 family.

Published: 25 June 2013

The Story behind....

All the fuss at the moment is about DataEase 8 and that is as it should be as we gear up towards the release. But I can't help thinking that a lot of what is going to make DataEase 8 a great product, and the DataEase 8 product range the most productive DataEase range since DFD is down to it's younger brother - DataEase Generation 3.

We have kept silent about DG3 because we wanted to finish it in peace but it is now time to start showing and talking a little more about the truly new member of the DataEase family.

Published: 15 January 2013

DG3 - An independent child.

DG3 is not an upgrade! It wasn't even created as an upgrade migration path for existing DataEase users.

With DG3 the idea of DataEase has been re-invented. All the DFD versions are just evolutions of the same product. DataEase for Windows is what it is, but a genuine idea and direction is not what you primarily associate with it. In my mind it is a little like a chronic disease, you live with it but would rather be without - this is of course a private view and

Published: 21 October 2011

An Open product Open Closed Doors.

DG3 is not an open source product but it is an open product. So what is the difference?

DataEase has always been a "closed" product. The only way you could ever influence its behaviour was through CDFs and not many people ever ventured down that path.

Published: 21 October 2011

DG3 - the spider in your web.

We have been working with DG3 for over 4 years so it is almost second nature to us and sometimes we forget that to most people this is a completely new offering - a completely new product.

DG3 is not one product, it is a range of products, and our goal is to bridge a lot of gaps that were not bridged before.

Published: 21 October 2011

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