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Copy/Paste Data-Entry screen in DFD 5.16

Instead of creating the same data-entry screen for more than one procedure, you can create a data-entry once and then copy/paste it into another.

1-Create a simple form/table, add whatever you want to the form; 2-Save it with a name; 3-Then go to the procedure’s data-entry screen you want to paste this form into, and press the button F5; 4-A couple of choices will be presented, select “Copy a Form” (choice number 2); 5-The list of the forms will be displayed, select the form you previously created in step 1.

Published: 15/05/05 - 10:03:03 (Ulrik Jacob Høegh - Krohn)

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Copy/Paste Data-Entry screen in DFD 5.16