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LegEasy 6 Windows aka 6.53 . New version. Build # 3150 Released: 16.05.2012

LegEasy 6 Windows (6.53) is the first step on the ladder towards the new DataEase. Our focus is not to allow you to maximise the value of your existing applications, when at the same time you will be able to move forward onto the web and out into the world with DataEase Generation 3.

6.53 is the first DataEase version that is released by 4ThePeople Ltd, but we have many more in the pipeline. It will soon be followed by 7.5. DataEase Generation 3 is already in Pre-Release, and is used every day to build Web front ends on existing 5.x, 6.x and 7.x applications.

6.53 is not a "new" version, but when you download and install it, it will feel brand new. We have given it an extensive work over, with completely new look and it is also fully Windows 7 compatible.

15.05.2012 Release of build #3150 Fixed false virus detection in Norton/Symantec, problems with Custom Menu. Tested and verified for WIndows 2008R2 Server. Several smaller updates and fixes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Proof of license

We will consider any documentation that prove that you are the legal owner of the correct number of licenses. The easiest way of proving to us that you are entitled to upgrade you DFW 6.x is to take a screenprint of the About Box in DataEase. When you want to purchase the upgrade, please buy the number of upgrades and add users you need from above, and when you have paid for them, please send us the documentation on your entitlement to and we will issue you with the new license number. If you have any special request, just mail us on or together with your documentation, and we will issue you with an online invcoice for your purchase. If you have any questions in regards to purchasing 6.53 , please email us on or and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

6.53 Look and feel

6.53 is what they in the Aircraft industry would call a MLU (Mid Life Update), of which the sole purpose is to extend the lifespan of the product beyond it's original "shelf life". When we took over the publishing of DataEase, we was surprised of how many that still used 6.52, and we quickly realised that the last thing you wanted was to have to migrate to 7.x. We thought that if you had resisted that for 10 years, you must have a very good reason, so instead of arguing, we included it in our strategy. There is a big DataEase community that use different versions of DataEase, and it is our goal to insure that you all stay with and move forward with DataEase. We also realised that if you where to stay with your "current" version of DataEase we had to make sure that it would comply, and that it looked contemporary. LegEasy 6 Windows is the first such version, and we hope that we have hit bulls eye. We think that it looks and feels contemporary, when at the same time it stays 100% compatible with 6.52. We know you don't believe in migration, so we have stayed far away from changing functionality etc. Seeing is believing so we have included a "collage" of most common parts of 6.53, but the only way you can really get a good feel of it is by downloading it an trying it yourself. Just click here, and you will instantly get the demo version. Then install it and test it yourself. It is installed in it's own catalogue and will not interfere in any way with your current DataEase installations.

Problem with Virus programs.

Some Virus programs, like Norton etc, that use Heuristic algorithms is triggered by installing LegEasy 6 Windows. This is due to the fact that some of our .DLLs - of which there is plenty in DFW - has the same version number as previously registered versions of these files, but since they are freshly compiled with a modern compiler they are larger etc than the original. This is what the heuristic virus programs look for, and hence this can trigger them. This is not a virus, so to install 6.53 you might have to switch your virus program off until it is installed, and then back on afterwards.

Installation and Networking

6.53 is primarily target on people that already know and use 6.x versions of DataEase. We have not updated the help files in any way, but the original ones are included. In 6.52 you could choose to install in Single User mode, or in Multi-User mode. If you chose the last, it would not work until you had done some manual changes to your installation. We find this very user "unfriendly", so we install it in Single User mode, so it will work immediately. Included in the installation you will find a Catalogue calledNetworkingAndLocking, in this catalogue you will find a document called READ ME Networking and Locking, as well as 3 catalogues named Full Locking, Basic Locking and Opportunistic Locking. In these catalogues you will find a configur.dat file that configured with the correct locking, for further information, read on below.

LegEasy 6 Windows Networking/Multiuser/Multisession

6.53 is a recompiled version of 6.52 that is prepared to run with Windows 7 x86 and x64. It has not been improved or bug fixed in any functional way to retain 100% comaptibillity with DataEase for Windows 6.52. On the other hand, we have made it look contemporary with a "livery" borrowed from the latest DataEase for windows and inspired by DataEase Generation 3. Multi User and Multi Session setup in Legacy versions of DataEease is and was never as simple as it should have been. We have to admit that it was very tempting to "sort" this out in 6.53, but in the end we kept to the scope and left it as it is. In 6.52 you have to re-install the software to change the Network Setting, but if you choose anything but "None" on locking model, 6.52 will not work until you have configured the network setting manually. In our mind, this is not a good way of starting off so we ALWAYS install 6.53 with Single User settings, and then you can set up and change the Locking model yourself manually later. In the Program catalogue of 6.53 you will find a catalog called NetworkAndLocking. In this catalogue you will find 4 catalogue named after thir locking model. In each you will find the correct CONFIGUR.DAT for this locking model. The only thing you have to do to set or change your locking model, is to copy the correct CONFIGUR.DAT to both your program catalogue, and the Shared catalogue you need to run 6.53 in a multi user/multi session environment. The shared catalogue. If you want to run 6.53 as multi session with locking, create a new catalogue on the root of your C:\ drive called ex. C:\653locking, copy denetwrk.ovl from the 653 program catalogue, and the configur.dat with the correct locking model setting from the NetworkAndLocking catalogue. Make sure that you also copy it to the program catalogue, as the one in the shared catalogue and in the program catalogue need to be the same. If you want to run multi session, you will need each session to have an unique DENAME. So make a bat file for each session, and start if from a shortcut. The bat files should atleast contain the belowe: SET DENAME=Something UniqueForEachSession SET DEPATH=C:\SharedCatalogue ex. C:\652locking C:\DataEase65.local\dataease.exe If you want to run the application in a multiuser environement, you will need to put the Shared catalogue on a shared Network Drive together with the Shared application. You will still need a unique DENAME for each user and each session.

Published: 06/02/12 - 16:47:59 (Amanda Higgins)

Last changed: 24/05/16 - 08:08:48 (Ulrik Jacob Hoegh - Krohn)

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LegEasy 6 Windows aka 6.53 . New version. Build # 3150 Released: 16.05.2012