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New Website Functionality

In 2012 DataEase for Windows celebrate it's 20th Anniversary, and this month DataEase 7.2 it's 3 years birthday.

In June it was one Year, since 4ThePeople Limited resumed all responsibility for developing and publishing DataEase. With the above in mind, our focus has been on developing the next versions of DataEase, rather than pushing sales of the existing.

Earlier this year we released the first version in our LegEasy program, LegEeasy 6 Windows (6.53), which is the first version released under our "Lable".

This year will definitely see the release of DataEase 8, a new and exciting version of DFW, and most likely we will also see the first new product in our DG3 range - LegEasy DOS.

Since the older versions of DataEase is still licensed and sold by DataEase International Ltd, we have not concentrated on the service and sales side of our business. This is now about to change, and our website - the core of our business - will change radically over the next months. Up to now, we have used the website as a "newspaper" to inform our users about what we do, and where we are headed. This will of course continue, but our focus will now gradually move to promoting/selling/licensing and support for our products. This ambition is reflected in the current change/update to our website. We have now added a "home made" web-shop, where you for the moment can buy LegEasy 6 Windows. This web-shop is fully developed in DG3 and it is a showcase to how you can implement similar functionality in your DataEase driven website. All the products is defined and stored in a normalized DataEase app, and when you purchase the product, the process is a normal DataEase chain of events. First we copy the cart to an OrderHead/OrderLine structure, then we direct you to the payment engine. When you return from the payment engine, a DQL check your payment, and generate the first license and store it in the license register. It repeats this till the order is filled, after the order is filled, the order is updated and archived, and "My Account" is updated. You will now be able to go to My Account and check your valid licenses, download the latest versions available to you, and also view your Order History. In My Account, you will later also be able to see all communication between you, us and your preferred partner etc. We have also added a new Forum, where our users can exchange views, ideas, experiences, tips and tricks with each other. To be able to add to the forum you will need to be registered and logged in, but anyone can read the forum. We have also added an exstensive Information/help module. It is still early day, but this will be the Development Resource centre, where you will be able to find the latest tips, tricks, howto etc. to develop in any version of DataEase. At the moment we have integrated the most useful bits of the old help files, and added some articles about current and new products. As things progress, we will add more structure to it, and make focused entry points for the different products. The entire Help module is made in DataEase, and we use the new Memo function library to search and display information. All the new functionality on our website (and the old) is pure DataEase, and anything you see here, you can do yourself too. If you find this website a little "rough" or not completely professional, you are right. At this stage in our development, we focus on getting as much done, in as little time as possible. We are not a slick operation, that focus on making as much money as possible, but a development organisation that take some time out to share with our user base, customers and prospective customers. We can choose between focusing on getting the products good, bug free, and professional or we can focus on appearing to be professional. We still think that there is some road to cover before the products are where we want them to be, and in that time we will not try to pretend to be something we are not. We will let our products speak for us. So when you get to this website and it looks slick and professional with no spelling mistakes, rest assured then the products are going to be to. We promise! London 31st August 2012.

Published: 31/08/12 - 12:38:54 (Amanda Higgins)

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New Website Functionality