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Solving problems with Help Links in 7.2

As some of you might have experienced, there is a problem with accessing help in 7.2

DataEase 7.2 is published by DataEase International Ltd and not by us, which also apply to all version up to and including 7.2 So both support and maintenance is outside our purview.

As a consequence we get some glitches, like the problems with the Help links in 7.2. Originally they where directed towards, which is now our domain, but the help files is now located on

It should have been easy to simply forward the requests to the new domain, but due to a "stupid" mistake, the help links are pointing at dynamic paths under the main domain, and we have no possibility of re-directing these links. The solution to the problem is to update the links in your local DataEase.ini file that you find located under your DataEase program Catalogue. You change them to the following: HelpLink = HelpLinkSearch=

Published: 09/10/12 - 07:19:26 (Amanda Higgins)

Last changed: 09/10/12 - 07:22:47 (Ulrik Jacob Hoegh - Krohn)

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Solving problems with Help Links in 7.2