Simplicty and flexibility!

Time for action.

DataEase was born in the US by American ingenuity and it is now coming back home. Over the last 20 years a lot have gone stale in the world of DataEase and for some reason that has been accepted or even expected.

Not so any more!

Our goal is to bring one of the best software and product ideas back to life and to do that we need to work with the living. 

Our former US partner told us when we wanted to discuss the future of DataEase with them: "You must understand, DataEase is in the decline in the US....."

That was obvious to everyone and as much as we could understand why and sympathise with the hardship we would not accept that perception.

When we told them that our strategy no longer is to sell DataEase over and over again to the same customers, they looked at us with scared eyes and asked us franticly to re-consider. 

"I don't think we have ever sold DataEase to a new customer, not in my time at least..."

We don't work with people that think it is natural and acceptable to fail. Game over!

We knew what situation DataEase was in when we took over, and we sympathise with all the users and partners that fell on hard times over DataEase for Windows and all that stuff but nobody can pay for their fathers sins forever. Water under the bridge! Puff, gone!

We are not desperate people with no future outside this company that cling to a job simply to pay the mortgage on a house that we don't even like in a place we don't want to live.

We are much worse than that. 

We actually pay to be allowed to work here. 

DataEase was in no fit state to look after us, she couldn't even look after herself. 

But did that stop us or even deter us? No! We have paid to work here for 5 years and we are prepared to pay to work her and consider it an honour for as long as it takes to get her back to where she deserve to be.

There is no giving in, and there is no giving way! 

That is us!

Now about you: Read it again and if this is you too we want to hear from you.

We don't want free riders, dreamers, pretenders or "professional" software people. We don't want delusional people with an inflated ego, or people that try to save the world.

We simply want good old fashioned grit, guts, brains, blood, sweat and tears.

If you prevaricate and need everything to be just right before you take action, read no more. If you think that you should sleep on everything, read no more. If you despair or think that sometimes things don't work out you are exactly what we are not looking for.

On the other hand, if you think on your feet and think everything is possible but that you need to get up at 3 am before an important meeting to prepare because your superior powers might fail you and you better make sure, then we think there might be potential.

We are not looking for a company or an organisation, we are looking for the Alpha. The top dog! If you are the right person, you will have your own team and your own show. 

One will, one way, one goal!

And what can you expect from us?

A great opportunity and a pat on the shoulder.

The rest is up to you, we are not your parents!

Published: 25/01/13 - 00:44:19 (Ulrik Jacob Hoegh-Krohn)

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Time for action.