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Exciting opportunity for the right company.

We have mutually agreed with our previous US representative - ICRA Sappire - that the re-establishment of DataEase on US soil is not for them.

The US is the second largest market for DataEase after the UK and will with proper managment quickly become the largest market.

We need someon to spearhead that effort.

We strongly believe in DataEase but we have to accept that a lot of people have been let down and have lost the spark. 30 years is a long time. We have been discussing the future of DataEase in the US with our previous partner for quite some time but now the moment is here and things need to start happening. We have ambitions plans for DataEase, both technically and market wise. We are no happy with being a small and insignificant product in a big hostile market. We might be a small fish now, but we have big fish ambitions. We have spent quite some time and effort on our existing partner network, but the 20 years of decline has reduced it to a shadow. Very few have responded to the challenge and ever fewer have managed to take on the new products. We are not happy to wait around when people try to make up their mind. We know what this product can do now, and we need people that are prepared to go the extra mile and make thing happen. So what we are looking for is a person/company that is able/willing/capable to and have the resources to turn his/hers words into action. We know what our products can do if used right, and we now need to work with people that can make them shine. We are looking for people in the US now, but we are looking for equally minded people all over the world. We are not afraid to gamble on the right people, and the guts, the brains and the abilities is the decider with us, not the CV or shiny suit. We are willing to back the right people to the hilt, but we will expect you to do the job with your own brain, guts and resources. Send me an email via the contact form and put USPARTNER in the heading if you are interested and we will give you a call and see where this is any magic. Contact us now!

Published: 25/01/13 - 01:37:42 (Amanda Higgins)

Last changed: 08/03/13 - 11:47:42 (Ulrik Jacob Hoegh - Krohn)

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Exciting opportunity for the right company.