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LegEasy 6 Windows in Spanish, the first step towards localised versions.

We are proud to announce that LegEasy 6 Windows in Spanish is released today. It is a small and silent release, but one that will be the start of a new version for language versions in DataEase.

Up to and including the first Windows version DataEase was to be found in a number of languages ranging from French, Dutch, German, Norwegian to Farsi and even one in simplified Chinese.

When DFW struggled in the market the product got narrower and narrower until it ended up being published only in English.

We started to look into translations again with 7.2. Several versions like Arabic, Norwegian, Spanish and Dutch was started, but the only one that was completed was the German version. DataEase 7.2 stopped well short of being a DataEase revolution and due to inner turmoil in the organisation the entire project was put on back burner. Our development team started to focus on DataEase Generation 3 and 7.2 was managed by Sapphire Group that lowered the ambition and went on with maintenance only. LegEasy 6 Windows is just a service version but it is one of the most popular versions of DataEase in many years. The demand has been staggering, so we have lifted the goal post in response to this "second wind". As we are gearing up to DataEase 8 Release and the ongoing translations to German, Dutch, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Norwegian (for starters) of this product, we thought we would spend some time to refresh our "language version skills" by doing a Spanish Version of LegEasy 6 Windows. So why Spanish? That's simple! The Spanish speaking world is one of the biggest clusters of DataEase users outside the English, so when we were going to add a language it was an obvious choice. The fact that we have got a lot of customers that is crying to get it played no part at all ;-) Over the coming years we hope that we will see translations to most languages, but to achieve this we need local partners that know the languages, local custom and last but not least - the local market. We have to focus on Developing DataEase as a technical product, so to achieve our goal locally we need partners that can spearhead our products and customize the to fit in local markets. We are way to small and will always aim to be to small to try to do everything ourselves. If there is one thing history have thought us it is: "Co-operate, listen, learn and share!"

Download Spanish Demo version NOW!

Published: 07/02/13 - 16:59:00 (Ulrik Jacob Hoegh - Krohn)

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LegEasy 6 Windows in Spanish, the first step towards localised versions.