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Warning! Price increase on DataEase 8 from January 1st

We are changing how we license DataEase from Januar 1st 2016.

In short we will stop dividing licenses (and executables) in Developer (Full) and GROUP (Runtime) and introduce a simple User License and one executable that will be either a development environment or a Application Launcher based on the users privileges.

The change might seem dramatic at first, but you will get much more functionality and flexibility.

This is just an early warning to those of you that plan to buy DataEase 8 in the near future, more information on the change in product and licensing strategy will follow.

But let us start with the best news. 

We will convert all existing DataEase 8 licenses to the new User License so if  you have a GROUP+1 5 or 10 user or 100 GROUP licenses you will get the same number of new DataEase User licenses.

So the ones of you that has bought these packages in the past at favourable prices are continuing to win, and that is only right.

DataEase has been through a tearing development over the last couple of years, and it only makes us happy that the ones that was early adapters and bought DataEase 8 early one should get extra value (on top of being able to take advantage of all the new features early on).

We had removed the majority of our GROUP packages from the shop building up to this announcement, but we hadn't sooner done it before we were swamped with enquirers, so we decided to re-introduce our best-sellers.

DataEase 8 GROUP +1 5 and 10 users.

At them moment these two packages are priced at £845 (January 1st. £1499) and £1249 (January 1st .£2749) so if you plan to buy DataEase 8, please wait ;-) 

Just kidding.

It might be wise to make a move now as you will save as much as £1500(55%) on a 10 user and £854(56%) on a 5 user.

Published: 03/11/15 - 17:09:19 (Amanda Higgins)

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Warning! Price increase on DataEase 8 from January 1st