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New Functionality in 8 - New Application from Template (Ver. 8.0.01037)

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New Functionality in 8 - New Application from Template (Ver. 8.0.01037)

No rest for the Wicked.

Almost a new year, but DataEase development is still going strong. No big wonder maybe, as our DataEase 8 developers are located in StP and the Russians celebrate according to the Orthodox calendar, next update will hence be mid January...he,he.

Up to and including 7.2, new applications are generated from scratch in DataEase. This means that we have to remember to hard code any update that we want to include in new applications. This is both laborious, tedious and we forget stuff.

One of the biggest challenges for "new" DataEase users is to get started, so we want to "dope" the New applications so they can get a flying start. The people that Develop DataEase and the people that can best promote DataEase is not the same, so we need to give the people that work with customers the opportunity to give the product a flying start.

So in 8 we now create applications from Templates, which in reality is just an existing DataEase application. This way we can include forms, functions, styles, configurations, network configurations etc, that insure that the users get the best possible start.

There is so many tricks, hacks etc in DataEase that only the very involved know about, this way we can include all of this in a "new" application, and the new developer can decode and see the possibilities.

Happy New Year!

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