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New Function in 8 - ToText() - Converts any DataEase field/function value to Text (Ver

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New Function in 8 - ToText() - Converts any DataEase field/function value to Text (Ver

A lot of our seasoned developers know that what you see is not always what you get. Internally DataEase converts values freely between formats, but not always. Especially when you use functions and allocated fields directly you might get peculiar results. Add CDF to the mix and you WILL get peculiar results. Anyone that has dipped deep into stuff like Oracle has met the peculiar Null vs 0 problem. It is highly scientific, but then a lot of these databases was originally designed for scientific use. Haven't you wonder why half the functions in DataEase (up to 8) was Trigonometric functions like tan, atan and even atan2, or what about cos and cosh(hyperbolic cosine). If bet that if you know what cosine is you have no clue what an hyperbolic cosine is... It is kind of a paradox that a product like DataEase that didn't have CHR() until 8, would have something like that, but that is down to hits historic roots. I am pretty sure that you today could easily launch a major application framework without cosh or even cos and easily get away with it, but not back in 1981. Anyway, the NVL vs 0 problem is that in Oracle the number 0 and the definition NULL is not the same. 0 is a number in the middle between -1 and 1, when NULL defines Nothing. You are now thinking...what the heck is he talking about. When I have 0 in my account I have nothing, but that is wrong. When you have 0 in your account you are in fact quite rich in comparison to someone that owns the bank 10.000 or even own them 1. OK, OK!. You get my point. In practical terms, this is bullshit. But the problem in Oracle is that a number column when not initiated is actually NULL i.e. empty space and not 0. Hence in Oracle you always have to check a number column with NVL(column) which is simply a function that turns NULL into 0. See this is why Blogs are such a brilliant forum for the blogger, but maybe not so much for the Bloggee..YOU...he,he. I have now been able to ramble on about something that I find interesting and hilarious, and that doesn't interest you at all, so I will get to the point. ToText() is simply a function that insures that you transfer a string to another function. Most things in DataEase is transferred as strings so if you do that if you get weird results you will be fine. The seasoned dogs will already know this and use jointext(field,"") which will work fact that is all ToText() do... but isn't it more elegant if you have to do it a lot to have a function do it for you? It is 2012 after all... Format: ToText(Field) returns Text
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Re:New Function in 8 - ToText() - Converts any DataEase field/function value to Text (Ver

Can I have serial # for Dataease 8 Trial Ver. please

Written by Wahid DeWan 13/12/12 at 23:36:59 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Requirement version 8

good afternoon

I am currently developing an application in version 7.2 but really I want to spend as version 8. with locks shareware and not returned to me, nor let the 7.2 versions'm urged to try and continue with development. The cost Me 10 licenses as the version 8 upgrade costs me that I have 10 licenses in 7.2 to 8

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Re:Re:New Function in 8 - ToText() - Converts any DataEase field/function value to Text (Ver

Sorry, there is no trial serial for DataEase 8 at the moment.

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