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Hint - Copying content from Virtual fiels...

Started by DataEase
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Hint - Copying content from Virtual fiels...

If you are like me, you get really annoyed when you can't copy text. Not only annoyed, I get astounded and think..."What have they been thinking!" I have completely lost the ability of remembering anything from phone numbers, to car registrations and definitely not something I just read and try to type in, in a different screen/program.

On the web it is quite rare that one can't copy, but in Windows it seem quite common, but that is when you try to copy from a program itself. Data is normally readily accessible. Not so with Virtual fields in DataEase...

Is there a logic to why Virtual fields shouldn't be "copyable"? Yes, there is for Read Protected ones, because it is the windows standard, but what about making them Editable?

Yes, it is that simple. The only thing that change when you make a virtual field editable is that you can copy the content and edit it of course.

Sooo...what happens if I edit it? Nothing if it is derived. You will be able to have your fun and the minute it looses focus it is back to the derived content.

So our recommendation is simply: If there is no particular reason for why people shouldn't be able to copy the content or otherwise you don't want the field to "fool" people into thinking that the content is changeable....simply don't write protect it and you can copy at your hearts content.

Written by DataEase 11/01/13 at 12:26:42 Dataease [{8}]FIVE