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DataEase 8 Update - Rapid increase in sub-version numbers.

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DataEase 8 Update - Rapid increase in sub-version numbers.

We are currently working in parallel with DataEase 8 PRE II (Current release) and DataEase 8 PRE I (Next Release). DataEase 8 PRE I is a major update to the GUI and how DataEase is presented to the user, where windows will be tabbed, where you can display maximised and modal dialogues at the same time, where content will be presented in a more attractive way and last but not least, where the dreaded flashing and resizing is now history.

We have two different teams that Work on DataEase 8. One team is in charge of the functions and engine changes and all their work is immediately visible in DataEase 8 PRE II. The other team work with the GUI improvements and this will not be visible until PRE I is released so the only trace of the changes you will see at the moment is through the rapidly increasing Sub-Version numbers on the available DataEase 8.

For instance over the last week we went from 1207 to 1224 and the only visible changes to you is some improvements on the Tab Control and the automatic configuration of the internal IE object.

But soon you will be able to enjoy the full expanse of our development work.

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