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DataEase 8 - Hidden Secret - How to change Caption!

Started by DataEase
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DataEase 8 - Hidden Secret - How to change Caption!

As the documentation efforts move forward "all will become clear", but we will still prefer to drop some hints, tips and tricks your way as we go along. Today we had a question about Renaming of DataEase 8 applications.

Renaming the application itself is rather straightforward, just go to the file menu before you start any application (escape from the Welcome Dialogue) sand choose Rename Application from File.

This will rename the application but it will not change the caption for the application. This is now customizable and is stored in the INI file for each application.

Each DataEase application have it's own .ini file stored in the application catalogue and it is named RDRRxAAA.INI where the x is the traditional DataEase application letter.

At the top of this file you will find this:

ApplicationCaption=DataEase: Crap

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