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New Small Sample - Self populating Dropdowns, Dynamic labels and messages (Ver

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New Small Sample - Self populating Dropdowns, Dynamic labels and messages (Ver

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This small Sample is just a study as part of our new Sample App that will be a fully working CRM/Order/Invoicing system.

8 is all about thinking new and different so we use the new functionality to try to showcase how you can build better applications with 8 than you could with the previous versions of DFW.

As we are calling it a day we upload this little study so you guys can have fun with it over the weekend.

What we are looking into here is Dynamic Dropdowns where we insert new values into the list (underlying table) after asking the user if he want to add the value to the list.

The "message" is being reused and the updating of the Town and Country table is done via dynamic MemoExecDQL commands.

We show and hide and have a lot of fun.

We don't say that you should build your applications this extreme, but we do this to give you some ideas of what you can accomplish.

The functionality in the drop downs is as follows.

IF the value you are looking for is not in the dropdown, just type it in. When you leave the DropDown a message will be displayed in the form and you will be able to choose to save the value in the corresponding table. When that is done it will be immediately available in the dropdown and there for the future. 

You can make SelfPoulating Dropdowns by building the Multibox on top of itself, but the problem with that approach is that you get multiple occurrences of a value. 

In this example we check that the value doesn't exist and only allow you to insert it if it doesn't already exist.

Anyway, it is 90% pure new DataEase 8 with dynamically looked up code and re-using of screen and code properties, so in total a good little weekend challenge.
Good luck!

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