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DataEase 8 and Samples

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DataEase 8 and Samples

We sense from a lot of users that they have become used to a static DataEase. When it is released, that's it! If it's missing then we wont get it.

You might wonder why we release DE8 Classic in the middle of the summer, and why there is so little fuss...

DE8 has been used by a lot of people for a long time, but when first started it was called 7.5. The time of fixed releases and frozen software is behind us. Our age is the age of the dynamics.

DE8 will be improved and developed the same way after today as it was before. Today is just a date where we think it is time to give it the official stamp of approval and get on with it.

So far we have had a release rate of 2-3 versions of DE8 a week. If you keep up with it, that is a lot of releases and a lot to download. This is why we won't include a big number of sample apps in the distribution. Instead we will upload samples here and down the line create a samples and solutions database where you can search for a problem and you will find a sample on how to solve that problem.

There is already a lot of samples to be found in this blog and on the forum. 

A Quick List:

Prevent Entry in Field

DatePicker and Subforms

Export from DQL using ExecDQL() and DataExport()

DataEase 8 Console demo

WriteToFile and Printing

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