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Important Fix in 8 - Table Already exist and mismatch between form and table (Ver.

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Important Fix in 8 - Table Already exist and mismatch between form and table (Ver.

DataEase 8 development has branched out.

Up till now we have solely focused on adding new functionality to 8 and bug fixing has only been done when related to new functionality or old functionality impacted/used/involved in new functionality.

This has resulted in a lot of bug fixing and improvement but we have consciously steered clear of the bug fixing focus that has marred and halted DataEase development for so many years.

However, now we have entered a new stage and we start focusing on long standing bugs that have hold back the product and made life difficult for users and developers.

One of these bugs is one that can be traced all the way back to the beginning of DataEase for Windows i.e. Express 1.0.

The problem occours when one change a form (table). Every time there is a change to the table, the process is as follows:

1.DE renames the old table to Temp Form xxx.
2.DE create the new table file with all the new columns and start parsing the derivations.
3. If for some reason the new changes are illegal ex. a derivation is no longer valid, DE can't save the new table and will abort.
4. It give error message and tell the developer that the form cannot be saved with new changes.
5. It should now delete the new table and rename the old table back to being the current table.

It is 5 that is not happing and the form and table are left in limbo. If you try to change the problem i.e. fix the invalid derivation etc and save again, you will be told that the table already exists and that you can't save the table. If you try to save with a new name, it will work but the link between the table and the form will still be wrong, so if you delete the old "wrong" table you find that it was the table that was linked to the form...

This has now been fixed and proper error handling should happen when this error occours.

Written by DataEase 20/08/13 at 16:33:08 Dataease [{8}]FIVE