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Migration from 6.x directly to 8.x

Started by DataEase
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Migration from 6.x directly to 8.x

For those of you that has become accustomed to 2 to 3 releases of 8, the last couple of weeks must have felt like a proper draught ;-)

This is not down to us having stopped developing 8, but rather the fact that we are doing some dramatic adjustments to it.

It is no secret that Migration from 6.x to 7.x was never a success and a lot of you have stayed behind in 6.x. This is why we published LegEasy 6 (6.53), but we don't intend to leave you behind there "for ever".

We are currently fixing the problems they caused in 7.x so you can migrate a 6.x app directly to 8 without "any" problems.

So far we have re-implemented old style Memo as LongText and we are presently looking into Menu documents and some mysterious corrupted forms. Then we will look into indexing and optimising of deleting records in DQL.

The combination of the above was more than enough "trouble" to stop a lot of 6.x to 7.x migrations from the get go but will now soon be fixed so that everyone can move forward to 8.x to take advantage of all the nice new functionality including building Web Portals in Dg3, distributing and maintaining the apps with DE Distributor and sharing an app with DE Group.

We will invite you to try out the Beta version of 8.1 as soon as we feel it is good enough for general "perusal".

We are not trying to keep it a secret, we simply don't want you to be disappointed or your application corrupted....

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