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Menu Documents Re-introduced

Started by DataEase
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Menu Documents Re-introduced

We are currently in the middle of DE 8.1 implementation. DE 8.1 is as promised all about migration from earlier versions of DFW. (5.x/6.x)

We have now implemented old style Memo as LongText and next step is to re-implement Menu documents.

Menu documents was removed in 7.x because they were "meaningless" as they are just forms with no fields...

This is obviously a decision made by a programmer and not a human being. The observation is of course right, but the implication is all wrong.

Menus are navigation documents and it is quite nice to be able to have the categorised in the catalogue for starters. The programmer will say that if you use the Prefix MENU_ on all your menus you would achieve the same, but that is where the programmer (I am one of them) is getting it all wrong.

Humans are not by nature structured and pedantic (not everybody at least) so everything the software can do to help you being organised and know what you are doing would be of a great help.

The big "faux pas" with removing the Menu document and instead migrate them to Forms, was that the migration never worked properly if at all.

We have to fix the latter at least, so we have decided that instead of fixing migration from Menu to Form, we simply re-introduce Menu and then users can get a functionality that help them and they have sorely missed.

If some users have gotten used to using forms instead or prefer it, re-introduction of Menu documents will not interfere in any way.

A classic Win Win...

Written by DataEase 28/10/13 at 13:44:39 Dataease [{8}]FIVE