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New Function in 8 - DocumentCloseName() - Close a named document remotely (Ver.

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New Function in 8 - DocumentCloseName() - Close a named document remotely (Ver.

First new function in a while, but one of many to come.

We are opening up DE8 from a programmers perspective and we want to give the programmer as much control as possible on how the application is managed and behave.

All of us that has tried and succeeded in making Advanced applications in DataEase know that 90% of the functionality is done in 10% of the time, and the last 10% is 90% of the time. How much time haven't you spent trying to work around the "restrictiveness" of things, just to find out that in the end your scaffold of a solution is to fragile, slow and awkward to work in real life if at all.

When working with DE8 we have realised that DFW is a much better product than DFD ever was, but all the stubborn obstinacy, awkwardness, automated functionality that give you hope and just let you down (Auto Layout, Excel Export, PDF Printing, Printing...) and sheer bugs does a brilliant job in hiding this fact.

Our mission in DE8 is to retain/bring forward the brilliant functionality, remove the hopeless and add what is missing to finally create the DFW that we all now deserve.

DocumentCloseName() is just one small step (we have already taken many) in that direction.

DocumentCloseName() is the twin sister of DocumentClose(). We chose to add a new function to close a specific document, instead of adding a document name to DocumentClose() as this would have caused compatibility issues in existing apps.

DocumentCloseName("MyDocument") or rather DocumentCloseName("Caption") as it will close the document that match the string.

When you open a document from another document via a relationship it will be named: Document2 via Document1 ex. Customers via Orderform

So to close the child document that is opened related simply execute the function: DocumentCloseName("Customers via Orderform")

This will close the Related document, but if you have Customers open "on its own" it will not close that. To close Customers simply write DocumentCloseName("Customers").

You might not see the use of this function directly, but I can guarantee you that when you immerse yourself in DE8 development and start developing apps DE8 style (Rather than DFW 5.x to 7.2x style), you will see its use ;-)

Especially when you realise there is complimentary functions like Timer() and TimerTime() in the pipeline, which will allow you to schedule actions to take place.

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