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Early Bird Warning! DataEase 8 Advanced Workshop in Tring (Greater London) Wednesday 26th of February.

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Early Bird Warning! DataEase 8 Advanced Workshop in Tring (Greater London) Wednesday 26th of February.

In 2013 we were busy with developing our products and adding new functionality, but there is not much point in all this development work if our customers don't take advantage and reap the benefits.

With the new functions now almost running into 3 digits, and a lot of new functionality and methods it is high time we start showing you how to use it, and the first opportunity to get immersed in DE8 is Wednesday 26th February in Tring where we host our first DE8 Advanced Workshop.

This is just an early warning to the existing DE8 Users, to give you a head start to get on board before the ship sails. With only 10 free places, we are aware that it is way to little but we need to start somewhere.

The places will be sold on a first come first served basis, so don't miss out ;-)

This is just a pre-warning, and we will publish the full agenda etc. on the website.


  1. What is new in DataEase 8?
    How is DataEase 8 different from previous versions of DataEase for Windows?
    Web and Web fields, how to create and how to manipulate.
    RT and HTML editor, how to use, create and manipulate.
    MemoClass - The new Manipulation class for Memo Fields.
    SetClass - The new Manipulation class for objects, fields and forms.
    ExecDQLClass - DQL Everywhere as interpretive functions.
    VirtualFields reinvented with Virtual Memos, Editable Virtual fields etc.
    FileClass - Creating, reading and writing files with Memo and Field functions.
    DatePicker() - How to use, and how to utilise.
    GetCurrent() - Why do we need this, and how do we use it?
    UniqueID() - Finally a safe way of creating unique values.
    RefreshStatus() and active use of Status forms as part of your application.
    Send() - Configuring SMTP and using Email throughout your application.
    Creating editable documents and printing them With Memos,HTMLEdit  and PrintMemo().
    Changing the appearance of your form in realitme with SetColor() and SetStyle(),
    How to use the New Console Object for reporting and debugging.
    Finally named global variables in DE, what and how to.
    Wait(), the function we have been waiting a long time for.

    And much much more...

    Prices do not include VAT. For customers in the UK and the EU VAT will be automatically added on checkout!

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