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Extension of Derivations on Fields and Buttons in (ver

Started by DataEase
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Extension of Derivations on Fields and Buttons in (ver

The derivations on fields and buttons (Execute Function/Derivation) has up to now been limited to 255 characters.

This has mostly been enough, but with the emergence of the ExecDQL class and all the new functions in SetClass(), GetClass(), MemoClass() etc, that use Virtual fields and buttons to manipulate forms and data, it has become a big limitation.

No longer so! From version you will be able to have derivations 16 times longer than before at a maximum of 4096 which is the same as the length of a Label and the length of a field in DE 8.1.

Finally the 8 bit 255 boundry is slowly giving way. High time!

Written by DataEase 01/04/14 at 18:05:05 Dataease [{8}]FIVE