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DataEase 8.2 - WhatVersion function. GetCurrent("Version") (Ver.

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DataEase 8.2 - WhatVersion function. GetCurrent("Version") (Ver.

Download WhatVersion? Sample

We simply write up a little more specifically on this new "application parameter" as it kind of got lost in the other ones.

GetCurrent() function is one that will have many different useful features as things progress but the latest to date is Version.

With De8 we killed off the old version system and basically adapted a progressive development model with new functions and functionalities added weekly if not daily.

We add functionality in such a way that it will not affect retrospectively but likewise they will not work retrospectively....

What I try to say is that you can always run an older application in a newer version of DE8 but spurious and strange things might happen if you try to run a newer application in an older version.

So it might be wise to use this new function to check the DataEase version your users have installed, and if you have used functionality that depends on a certain version simply inform them of that and lead them to the download link...

Our fun little example showcase how you can do this (obviously you can do it less stupidly) ;-)

In this sample we simply have a virtual field that we hide that execute the following derivation:

SetState("Manip",0)+wait(1)+if (lastc(GetCurrent("Version"),4)+0>1606,SetLabelText("Message",concat("It is .... ",firstc(GetCurrent("Version"),1)))+wait(1)+SetLabelText("Message",concat("It is .... ",firstc(GetCurrent("Version"),3)))+wait(1)+SetLabelText("Message",concat("It is .... ",firstc(GetCurrent("Version"),5)))+wait(1)+SetLabelText("Message",concat("It is .... ",GetCurrent("Version")))+wait(2)+SetLabelText("Message","Lets see if there is something newer...")+wait(2)+DocumentOpen("WhatsOnDataEase8"),wait(2)+SetLabelText("Message","TOO OLD! Please upgrade!!!")+wait(2)+DocumentOpen("WhatsOnDataEase8"))

As you can tell, we definitely use our own functions...

This is a derivation, but we could have done the same thing with a DQL or OML script... Spoilt for choice!

Written by DataEase 25/08/14 at 18:17:03 Dataease [{8}]FIVE