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DataEase 8.2 - ObjectName/FieldName synchronization with copying (Ver.

Started by DataEase
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DataEase 8.2 - ObjectName/FieldName synchronization with copying (Ver.

Since the implementation of Object Names there has been a peculiarity when copying a field. 

The peculiarity is that when you copy the the field name Field the new Copy will be named Field2 when the new Object Name will be Field1. 

One could argue that ObjectName got it right but the most important part is that they match...and they now do!

Another problem is that when one copies an Object (any object) from one form to a new one the same renaming will happen. So if you copy Field from Form A it will get the name Field2 (Field1) in Form B.

This is very annoying if you are copying an object with code on it or that is used in code as the object name will no longer be matching.

This too is now fixed so any copying will render the correct name.

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