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DataEase 7.x and 8.x - Problems and Workaround for Installing Form with Table and Data.

Started by DataEase
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DataEase 7.x and 8.x - Problems and Workaround for Installing Form with Table and Data.

We have just tested this and it works "fine".

We suspect that the problem is not really related to DE but a general problem with Installing Forms with Tables (TDF) and Data (DBM).

When you select a Document during install it will insert the FRM file name in the dialogue and then suggest a TDF and DBM file that has the same file name as the FRM but the correct extensions. (see below).

Only problem is that it is most likely WRONG!

FRM files are documents and as such they never change name after first being created. TDF files and DBM files however are re-created every time you do a change to the table simply to maintain data integrity. When you change the table definition, DataEase create a new TDF and DBM file, copy the date from the old to the new and when everything is A OK it deleted the old files.

So for the first change you will get for Customers her. CUSTAAAB.TDF. then if CUSTAAA.TDF is available after the next change it will reverse to that, but if another form that start with CUST is created in the meantime it will take that slot and you will get CUSTAAC.TDF etc.

So what we try to say is that there is no real link between the form and TDF file name (TDF and DBM is always called the same).

This "weakness" in the logic is a big problem (and is scheduled to be fixed) for people using this feature as one would trust the knowledge of DataEase in DataEase related matters.....

So what you need to do is to to do a Status/Records on the application from where you are installing so you can get the correct file names:

The next problem of you get passed this little challenge is importing Data.

If you try to do this in an application that is stored on a network drive or on a local drive with a DataEase that is configured for Shared Local Database it will lock itself out and not import any data, so you need to do this on a local version of the app and swtich off "Shared Local Database".

To get access to this setting you need to open DataEase without opening an Application or exiting the application without closing DataEase.

If you open DE with Welcome Screen simply hit ESC in Welcome Screen and you will get to access this file menu.

This to is scheduled to be fixed but as it is due to a "major" bug in how PRISM is loaded it will need to be addressed at the same time as this bug is fixed.

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