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DataEase 8.2 - GetCurrent("Xpos" and "Ypos") for objects added (Ver.

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DataEase 8.2 - GetCurrent("Xpos" and "Ypos") for objects added (Ver.

Downlaod Updated PickLists App

AIf you are familiar with our latest "play thing" MoveObject() you would also be aware that there has been some shortcomings.

As these things go, we need to implement and play before we really get the grasp of things and can do the changes and amendments that make it proper functionality. 

As we played with Dynamic Pick lists we realised that it would be "nifty" if we could place them relative to the field where we were going to use them so hence we had to add the last piece of the jigsaw, get the position of an object.

If we know where it starts and how long it is.....then we should be able to place the next object relative to it.

Since we implemented this change for the benefit of the PickLists app, I guess that is where we need to implement it... Download the updated version above.

Here you see that the DropDown PickList is now placed relative to the field where we want to use it. 

We do this simply by utilising a small ExecDQL in a label via ExecDQL.

As you see we simply add this DQL execution to each button and input the Object Name of the Object (field here) that we want it to place itself relative too.

The DQL itself is rather simple...

define "retval" text .

define "xpos" number .

define "ypos" number .

xpos := GetCurrent("Xpos",data-entry field1) .

ypos := GetCurrent("ypos",data-entry field1) +GetCurrent("Height",data-entry field1)+2 .

retval := MoveObject("PickLists",xpos,ypos) .

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