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New Sample - Make an Application with Expiry Date (Ver.

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New Sample - Make an Application with Expiry Date (Ver.

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A lot of our customers are developers that develop applications for third parties. In the good old days these customers was local to the partner, but today they can be anywhere on the planet.

A lot of you send the application to the customer in good faith and then sometimes they decide they really like it but they don't want to pay you.

Especially if you do a vertical and customers want to try it out before they commit to it.

We really want you guys to go out there and sell as many DataEase applications as possible, so we have put together this little sample on how you can make a simple but effective expiry system for your apps.

What we do is basically to direct all users to a Landing Page where we check the expiry date in an automated script. If the application has expired we basically block the application and the user will not be able to even run it if they turn the computer back as we also check an lock when the application is first expired.

Global Settings can only be opened by a High user and the expiry date and lock can only be updated if the code is inserted (1234).

if the application is expired we show this and only action is to close app.

If the application is not expired it will show a Welcome message, wait 2 secs and the open the Startup Document for the app.

UserName/PW for superuser: High/High
Code to change Expiry: 1234
UserName/PW for user is: User/User

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Re:New Sample - Make an Application with Expiry Date (Ver.

This is an excellent idea, as it can also be used to maintain the licence or maintenance on a system on an annual or whatever basis.

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